Rowaida El Ghaly’s Workshop

In the context of continuous work in the implementation of the “Beirut Bodies project – Edition 2022”, Beirut Physical Lab organized and hosted a workshop on Wednesday February 9, 2022, at the Sunflower Theatre, with Rowaida El Ghaly, Choreographer and Professor of Acting and Physical
Expression at the Lebanese University.

Mrs. El Ghaly provided the participants of the “BeiRoot Bodies” project an opportunity for collective
creativity and free expression through their bodies, being the primary driver
of creativity.
The workshop focused on two main aspects: “the basics of movement” and “the presence of the performer in the theatrical space”. A major part of the workshop also focused on “the performer’s relationship with earth,” through a set of exercises that help performers understand this relationship, and its impact on the quality of movement.
In addition, Mrs. El Ghaly provided the participants with a set of tools to use, in order to stimulate their pelvis. This exercise was meant to understand the importance of the pelvis in maintaining balance and
straightness of the dancer’s movement, and thus creating greater freedom
of his motor expression.

These exercises and many others played a major role in creating awareness in the importance of breathing, and its impact on the performance of dancers and actors.
We are very delighted, at Beirut Physical Lab, with our collaboration with Rowaida El Ghaly, and we appreciate the positive difference she made in the “Beirut Bodies” project. We also look forward to collaborate and partner with more Lebanese artists, so that Beirut Physics Lab becomes a safe space for meetings, expression and communication between people who work in the artistic and cultural affairs.

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