• Sylvia Gribaudi’s works are characterized by light-heartedness, irony, and freedom. The workshop offers an exploration of the poetic dimension that Sylvia Gribaudi explores, emphasizing the vivacity and presence of the body. Participants will engage in a journey where humor and play are integrated into bodily expression and gesture. The workshop will delve into the concept of the vital body, encouraging participants to embrace the value of imperfection and mistakes as avenues for creative expression.

Key Themes:

  • Revitalizing physicality through self-irony and dance dynamics
  • Exploring how dance influences body perception within a playful environment

  • Morning Classes: Open to the public from 10 AM to 11:15 AM
  • Full Workshop: Dancers will be selected to participate in this comprehensive training program, enhancing their professional and technical performance skills. The workshop will run from 10 AM to 3 PM, starting from the 8th to the 12th of July.
  • Public Showing: Participants will present the outcomes of the dance intensive through a public performance on July 13th, with the specific timing to be announced later. Participants who will participate in the showing can be absent for up to one day.
  • Dates: 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th & 13th (Public showing) of July. Time: 10AM – 3PM (everyday except for tuesday the 9th/ 10am -12pm & 13th)

Graces by Silvia Gribaudi 
A Humorous Contemporary Dance Performance 
  • Tuesday 9th, 9:00PM
  • Al Madina Theater

  • The Italian Cultural Institute & Beirut Physical Lab in Collaboration with Zebra Production presents an award-winning humorous contemporary dance performance: Graces”
  • Graces is a project inspired by The Three Graces, a sculpture created by Antonio Canova between 1812 and 1817. The work draws from mythology: Zeus’ three daughters – Euphrosyne, Aglaea, and Thalia – radiate splendor, joy and prosperity. Three male figures – Siro Guglielmi, Matteo Marchesi, and Andrea Rampazzo – take the stage in a space and time suspended between the human and the abstract: a place where male and female meet without roles and dance to the rhythm of nature itself. They perform together with the author Silvia Gribaudi, who likes to define herself as ‘author of the body’ because her poetics elevates imperfections to an art form with a direct, cruel, and empathetic comic style without any boundaries among dance, theater, and performing arts.
  • Over the past ten years, Silvia Gribaudi has been questioning gender stereotypes, female and male identities, and the concept of virtuosity in dance and daily life, expanding beyond clichés and appearances.
  • “With generous humor and radical empathy, the Italian choreographer Silvia Gribaudi elevates notions of human imperfections into an art form beyond clichés and appearances. Drawn from the sculpture The Three Graces (Antonio Canova 1812-1817) – representing Zeus’ daughters Euphrosyne, Aglaea, and Thalia – the three male performers together with Silvia search for new meanings of the word ‘grace’. With dance and text, but most of all with warmth and lightness, the performance reveals a core of our humanity.”

the community and us

Beirut Physical Lab aims to become a hub for movement-based art and exploration. A focal point for local and international artists to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate, fostering a rich and safe creative environment.

Who is Beirut Physical Lab? 

Beirut Physical Lab is an independent organization that aims to develop the physical theater and contemporary dance scene in Beirut and its surroundings. Its objective is to support amateur and professional artists by creating a safe space to express themselves, work on their personal projects, and give them tools to develop their skills.

We empower artists to develop a discerning eye, engage in constructive conversations, and provide a judgment-free platform for growth.

Beirut Physical Lab offers diverse workshops for emerging performers and movement enthusiasts, fostering skill development, expanding our regional movement vocabulary, and promoting personal and collective growth.

Through collaborations with local and international artists, Beirut Physical Lab amplifies artistic voices, enriching Beirut’s cultural tapestry and enhancing appreciation for contemporary dance and physical theater. We aim to present a fresh perspective on these art forms in our local scene.

What do we do? 

Workshops and Classes

We offer weekly contemporary dance classes focusing on technical and improvisation skills. By coming together regularly, dancers have the opportunity to move and grow together in a supportive and safe environment. We also organize workshops with established local and international professionals. The workshops offer advanced training and creative exploration for professional dancers/performers while also providing an open space for all practices to include movers enthusiasts that want to discover more the art of movement and connect with their bodies.


In collaboration with local and international artists, we organize intensives that offer a range of durations, including short intensives lasting less than a month and longer ones that extend beyond a month. These intensive practices provide a valuable platform for emerging artists to refine their skills and learn from experienced professionals. During the intensives, participants engage in rigorous training and creative exploration, culminating in the creation of a performance. These performances are then showcased across Beirut and various locations in Lebanon, allowing the emerging artists to share their artistic expressions with a wider audience.


Performances are created in multiple ways. They can be the result of an intensive practice, our annual BeiRoot Bodies performance, guest performances and from artists within our community. Providing exposure for artists, a platform to showcase their art, and fostering a supportive and constructive environment for both performers and audience members, enriching the contemporary dance and physical theater scene.


We aspire to establish and provide dedicated practice spaces for contemporary artists in Beirut— spaces that meets their specific needs and fosters creativity, collaboration, and growth. Providing a supportive environment for artists to develop their skills, create new work, and exchange ideas. We aim to provide artistic residencies, rental space for workshops and rehearsals, and hope to facilitate the growth of the local dance scene.


Inviting local and international artists to contemporary/physical theater festivals. We seek to create a platform for diverse performances and expanding artistic experiences in Beirut. These festivals will offer networking opportunities for local and international artists, fostering collaborations and cultural exchanges. 

Research and Exploration 

At the core of our projects and creations are dance labs and movement research. We aim to explore movements that are rooted in our bodies, collective history, and everyday life. We embrace the richness of our cultural heritage and roots and integrate them into contemporary dance and physical theater.

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