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BeiRoot Bodies, get to know us more… the cities are emerging as a very important part of a person’s identity, we can say that a low level of sense of belonging prevents unity and attachment. Our goal then is to create a planned, systematic and theory-based creative approach to help people of Beirut to overcome the trauma caused by the memories of our city which lead them to disconnect with the country and reject it somehow, and to reconcile its people with it and help them feel connected again and gain a sense of belonging to its community.

In BeiRoot Bodies Project we want to provide a safe space and nurturing environment for Beirut people to connect together, express themselves through the body, communicate conscious and unconscious feelings through movements and help them move past the place where they might be “stuck” in processing the traumatic and anxiety following the Beirut explosion.

BeiRoot Bodies! Here we go

BeiRoot Bodies
One of the participants in the workshop

Research shows that unresolved trauma can lead to mental and physical health concerns and survivors of trauma are particularly susceptible to somatization; the tendency to experience and communicate psychological distress in the form of somatic symptoms; some psychological symptoms may be so overwhelming that a person cannot face them consciously so the person expresses his/her distress through the body, converting it to a physical symptom which can range from joint pain to temporary loss of vision.
Animals recover from stressful events by physically releasing the energy they accumulate, but humans often override these natural ways of regulating the nervous system with feelings of shame, judgments, and fears and deny the body’s opportunity to fully process the traumatic experience and create energy build-up and blockages, that lead to physical and mental health concerns like anxiety and aggression expressed in our daily communication with others.

BeiRoot Bodies and the experience:

People experience the world not only through their thoughts and emotions but also simultaneously through their bodies and since the Body and mind are interconnected so that a change in one impacts the other, our method aims to create an atmosphere that allows individuals to open up, express the
memories stored within the body and listen to the common stories that their bodies tell beyond the old systems of defenses used for survival and security in this aggressive country, and let these traumatic memories and tension be released through bodywork and other physical techniques used in theatre,
dance and yoga to discover a new way of integrating and being in thecommunity and improving social skills.

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