Fabian Thome’s Workshop

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Within the framework of Bipod- Beirut International Platform of Dance 2022 and with the support of the Embajada de España, Beirut Physical Lab is collaborating with Maqamat to organize the workshop given by the  Fabian Tohme from 21 to 25 May 2022.

About the workshop:

To be able to flow and unite the breath with the movement, we will begin by awakening the body with breathing exercises that work from the joints to the movement.
We’ll keep exploring and seeking for new ways to use the floor, focusing on different aspects of movement, dynamics, and space.
In the second phase, we’ll focus on touch and improvisation with a stated notion in order to explore and develop various interpretive aspects.

The outcome of this workshop will be a performance within the Bipod Festival.

To register for the workshop, you must fill out the form via the link below:


Application deadline: Sunday, May 15, 12:00 noon, Beirut local time.

About Fabian Thome:

Fabian received his diploma from Madrid’s Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza in 2004.
Since 2013, he’s been studying with choreographers like Sharon Fridman and Carlos Fernandez Fuentes to improve and expand his skills.
He is a dancer, choreographer, and instructor whose choreography has won first prize at the XXXIII edition of CERTAMEN COREOGRAFICO DE MADRID 2019 and Best Interpretation at the Burgos-New York Contest in 2014.
In June 2015, he joined Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s Eatsman as a dancer and teacher.

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