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Contemporary Dance Workshop With Zeina Hanna

Contemporary Dance Workshop With Zeina Hanna

This contemporary dance workshop will focus on developing awareness in the way we articulate our bodies. We will explore three volumes: the hips, the rib cage and the head. The aim is to understand, feel and sense how these body parts come together and connect; to release unnecessary tensions and find ease in movement.

Diane Fardon

Diane Fardon’s Workshop

“Beirut Physical Lab” held a workshop in contemporary dance and movement, with the French dancer and choreographer, Diane Fardon, for four hours. The participants discovered the special character of each of them, within similar movements. The workshop also focused on the impact of every personality and life of each dancer, on the body and expressions.

The Body in Infinite Motion Dance Workshop

The Body in Infinite Motion Dance Workshop

In August 2022, Beirut Physical Lab held a dance workshop in movement and contemporary dance, with the Swiss dancer and choreographer, Mirjam Barakar. More than 40 people who are interested in the body movement and contemporary dance, participated the workshop.

Diane Fardoun

Dance Workshop with Diane Fardoun

Beirut Physical Lab is hosting an Intermediate Dance Workshop by Diane Fardoun. In this workshop, Diane will explore the special character of each dancer in similar movements, and dive deep into the unique interpretations.

Simea Cavelti

Simea Cavelti’s Workshop in Beirut

A consecutive series of 5 separate sessions concerning contemporary_dance and physical expression featuring 50 professional and amateur artists and performers who were forwarded by the Swiss choreographer Simea Cavelati and organized by the Beirut Physical Lab...